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The Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (FAEP) is an affiliate of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP).  The Florida state chapter was founded in 1987 and has eight local chapters throughout the state.  

FAEP is a multidisciplinary professional association of Environmental Professionals from a variety of disciplines including: biologists, scientists, geologists, environmental engineers, environmental attorneys, wetland scientists, botanists, planners, and many other disciplines that perform environmental work. 

FAEP is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five officers, eight local chapter representatives, three at-large elected members and an NAEP representative.  Board meetings are typically at noon on the third Monday of the month and are conducted via conference call. 

FAEP holds an annual conference each year that is hosted by a local chapter.  The annual conference is typically two days and includes a variety of speakers. 

FAEP publishes a quarterly e-newsletter, the Florida Beacon.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide members with current information about the profession as well as upcoming events such as conferences and workshops. 

Local chapters of FAEP offer educational opportunities such as workshops and luncheon meetings as well as social and networking events.  Some of the luncheon meetings and other events are free to members. 

As a member of FAEP you will be able to attend local chapter events and the annual conference at a discounted rate.  Membership also gives you access to our Member Directory, a comprehensive database that links you to more than 700 Environmental Professionals in the state of Florida. 

Membership dues are $50 for FAEP and an additional charge for membership to a local chapter (local chapter membership ranges from $25 to $40).  Click here to access membership fee data.  Employers who have 5 or more members are eligible for the discounted FAEP membership rate of $45/member.  FAEP membership dues for students are $15.

During the past 2 years FAEP total membership has increased by 36%.  If your are an Environmental Professional, want to build your professional network and learn more about current issues, come to a local chapter event and find out today why FAEP and our local chapters are so successful!  Click here to find your local chapter.